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The Big Bang Theory Plush

If you love to watch The Big Bang Theory television series and love to collect Big Bang Theory merchandise then these super cute Big Bang Theory plush must be in your collection. There is Leonard and Sheldon plush available for sale from superherostuff. These plush is about 11 inches tall. They are so adorable and cuddly as they are made from soft and squeezable material. Get one for your collection today or make it as a gift for someone special who is a huge fans of The Big Bang Theory.

big bnag theory leonard plush big bang sheldon plush

Wreck-It Ralph Plush

Collect all Wreck-It Ralph plush today. These plush are so cute and cuddly. There is Ralph 16 inches plush, Vanellope 12 inches plush, Felix 12 inches plush and Tanffyta Muttonfudge 9 inches plush. Great for any Wreck-It Ralph fans to collect.

wreck-it ralph plush vanellope plush felix plush taffyta plush


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Sonic the Hedgehog Blanket and Plush Set

This is what any Sonic The Hedgehog fans need when they are about to go to sleep, the cuddly Sonic the hedgehog blanket and plush set. The Sonic blanket size is approx. 50 x 60 inches and is made from polyester featuring image of Sonic the Hedgehog . The plush is just the perfect size for cuddle. It would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for any Sonic the Hedgehog lovers.

sonic blanket plush

Star Wars Angry Birds Plush Set

So you love Star Wars? And you love Angry Birds as well. Then this Star Wars Angry Birds plush set is perfect for your collection. This plush set includes Han, Leia, Luke, Vader & Stormtrooper plush with size approx 5 inches. This plush set would make a great collection and also make a perfect gift for any Star Wars and Angry Birds lovers.

angry birds star wars plush

Superman Plush

Add this Superman plush to your Superman collection. This Superman Plush is adorable and look so cute. It is about 7 inches tall. Great for any little children as companion when they go to sleep. Make a great gift for any Superman fans.

superman plush

Incredible Hulk Plush

Collect this Incredible Hulk plush for your collection. It is about 7 inches tall. With green body and angry face, this Hulk plush is soft and cuddly. Would make a great addition to Hulk theme bedroom.

hulk plush

Thor Plush

This Thor son of god Odin plush would make a great companion or collection for any Thor fans. It is about  7 inches tall, featuring Thor with his hammer on his right hand. It is soft and would make a great addition to any superhero theme bedroom.


thor plush

Captain America Plush

This Captain America plush is great for any Captain America fans. It is soft and cuddly. It is about 7 inches tall. It would a great addition to Superhero theme bedroom.


captain america plush

Iron Man Plush

If you are Iron Men big fan, then this Iron Man 3 Plush would make a great collection for you. There is Iron Man Movie 3 Iron Patriot and Mark 42 Plush. Their height is about 6 inches. Would make a great gift for any Iron Man fans.



iron man plush iron man 3 plush