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Batman Laplander

If you are a big fan of Batman the Dark Knight then check out for some cool Batman Laplanders below. The first one is Batman Laplander featuring Batman Funko face on the front. It comes in black color. The second one is Batman Laplander that look like Batman mask. It is made from acrylic with polyester lining. They come in one size fits most adult. Wear it during cold winter day.


batman funko laplander batman laplander


Spiderman Laplander

These cool Spiderman Laplanders are perfect for any Spiderman fans to get warm during winter and cold day. Choose from 2 styles available below. The first one is Spiderman fleece lined knitted Laplander with red pom pom on top. The second one is Spiderman Laplander featuring black and red web pattern and Spidey’s eye. These Laplanders come in one size fits most ages 14 and above. Collect one today for your Spiderman fashion accessories or make it as a Christmas gift for Spiderman fans in your life.

spiderman laplander spiderman laplander red





Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Laplander

Get ready to be the Ninja with these cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Laplanders below. Choose from 4 styles available representing 4 famous characters from TMNT. There is Leonardo Laplander (blue), Michelangelo Laplander (orange), Donatello Laplander (purple) and Raphael Laplander (red). These Laplanders come in one size fits most. Perfect for collection for any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans.


teenage mutant ninja turtles laplander michaelangelo teenage mutant ninja turtles laplander raphaelteenage mutant ninja turtles laplander donatelloteenage mutant ninja turtles laplander leonardo


Captain America Laplander

Be the leader of Avengers with this cool Captain America Laplander as you can see below. This Captain America Laplander is a red, white and blue knit Laplander featuring Captain America logo n the front. It is a one size fits most for ages 12+. Great for cold day. Get one today for your Captain America fashion accessories or make it as a Christmas or birthday gift for Captain America lovers.


captain america laplander   amazon

Power Rangers Laplander

IF you love your Power Rangers hero then you might want to check out this cool Power Rangers Laplander. Featuring Red Ranger Dinozord, this Power Rangers Laplander comes in one size fit most ages 14+. It is made from cotton and acrylic. Perfect for winter or cold day for any Power Rangers fans.power rangers laplander    amazon

Thor Laplander

Warm up your head during winter time with this cool Thor Laplander. This Thor Laplander is perfect for any Thor fans, could be you or someone special in your life. It is made from polyester with soft interior in red color and felt wings stitched on the side which look like Thor’s helmet. It is a one size fit most for adults. Get one for your Thor fashion accessories and merchandise, or make it as a Christmas or birthday gift.


thor laplander       amazon

Big Bang Theory Laplander

For all the Big Bang Theory fanatics, now you can have your own Big Bang Theory Laplander. Check out for 2 styles of Big Bang Theory Laplanders below. The first one is Bazinga Laplander which comes in red color and text saying “Bazinga”on the front. The second one is The Big Bang Theory Laplander featuring soft and warm kitty. These Laplanders are made from acrylic and come in one size fit most adults. Perfect for any Big Bang Theory fans.

big bang theory laplander bazinga big bang theory laplander kitty





Dr Who Laplander

Keep your head warm and comfy and showing your affection for Dr Who at the same time by wearing this cool Dr Who Laplander. It comes in blue color featuring Tardis and is made from polyester. It comes in one size fits most for adults and teen. Perfect for collection for any Dr Who fanatics and also make a great Christmas gift for someone special. your family members or friends.dr who laplander


Iron Man Laplander

This Iron Man Laplander looks pretty awesome. It can make you warm and it is so stylish and showing that you are a huge Iron Man fan. It is made from polyester featuring Iron Man helmet in yellow and red colors. It is a great hat to have during winter. It is also great for gift idea for someone who love Iron Man so much.


iron man laplander2 iron man laplander

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