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Wonder Woman Cake Pan

You are going to need this Wonder Woman cake pan if you want to make Wonder Woman shape cake easily. This cake pan is made by Wilton from quality aluminium. The size is approx. 18 x 9 inches, featuring Princess Amazon Wonder Woman shape. The set includes paper booklet and a face mask. It is a great cake pan for any Wonder Woman fans who want to make an awesome Wonder Woman shape cake.

wonder woman cake pan

Superman Cake Pan

Now making a Superman shape birthday cake will be easy with these cool Superman cake pans. These cake pans are made by Wilton from high quality aluminium. Featuring your favorite super hero Superman. You can choose from two styles available. They come with recipe and decorating instruction. You gonna need this cake pan to make your awesome superman cake.

superman cake pan superman pan cake

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake Pan

Making your own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake would be easy with these Ninja Turtles cake pans. There are two designs that you can choose. The first one featuring the full body of Ninja Turtles cake pan and the second one featuring only the head of Ninja Turtles cake pan. These cake pans come with recipe and instruction on how to decorate the cake. They are great for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme birthday party.


ninja turtles cake pan ninja turtles head cake pan


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Power Rangers Cake Pan

This Power Rangers Cake Pan is what you need if you want to make Power Rangers shape cake. The cake pan is made Wilton using quality aluminium which make it lightweight and durable. It comes with shaped of Power rangers character. The cake pan comes complete with recipe and decorating instructions, so all you need is just your creativity to make the cake looks awesome. You need this pan for Power Rangers theme birthday party.

power rangers cake pan

Spiderman Cake Pan

Making your own Spiderman cake would be easy with these Spiderman cake pans. These Spiderman cake pans are made from aluminium and comes in two shaped of Spiderman in action. All you need is your imagination to decorate the cake later. Great for Spiderman birthday theme.


spiderman pan cake spiderman cake pan

Star Wars Cake Pan

If you are planning to make your Star Wars shape cake, then maybe you want to consider to use these awesome Star Wars cake pans. There are two designs available, R2-D2 shape and Darth Vader shape cake pans. They are made from quality aluminium. They are great for Stars Wars fans.


star wars r2-d2 cake pan star wars cake pan

Batman Cake Pan

If you are planning to make Batman shape cake, then you need to consider to have this Batman Wilton cake pan. This cake pan is made from quality aluminium with Batman shaped. It comes with baking and decorating instructions.


batman cake pan