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Guardians of the Galaxy Backpack

Go back to school with your favourite superhero Guardians of the Galaxy with these cool Guardians of the Galaxy backpacks below. These children school backpacks are great for any little superhero fans. Choose from many designs and styles below. There is a small, large backpacks. There is also rolling backpack which comes in size of 16″. Get one for your collection today. Or make it as a special gift for someone special.

guardians of the galaxy backpack kids guardians of the galaxy backpack rolling guardians of the galaxy backpack school guardians of the galaxy backpack amazon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Plush Backpacks

Check out for some awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plush backpacks below. They are great for any TMNT fans, for showing off that you are the biggest fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Choose from 2 designs available. There is TMNT plush backpack featuring Raphael and Leonardo. The size of the backpack is approx. 15 inches tall and comes with adjustable straps. Great plush backpack for any TMNT fanatics.

TMNT Leo Plush Backpack
TMNT Raphael Plush Backpack



Big Bang Theory Backpack

What a cute backpack for any Big Bang Theory fans. This Big Bang Theory Kitty Plush backpack is about 14 inches tall featuring Kitty inspired by Sheldon’s childhood lullaby in the movie. It is a great plush backpack for back to school. Get this cute Kitty backpack from superherostuff today, to complete your Big Bang Theory collection or for a gift for someone special.

big bang theory backpack

Wreck-It Ralph Backpack

Any Wreck-It Ralph fans would love to go back to school bringing their favorite Wreck-It Ralph backpack. The size is approx. 31 x 25 x 9 cm featuring picture of Wreck-It Ralph and text saying “I’m gonna wreck it!”. It has one compartment with zipper, handle on top and adjustable shoulder straps. It is great for playgroup, day care or kinder. It also make an excellent gift for any Wreck-It Ralph fans.

wreck-it ralph bacpack

Iron Man Backpack

Looking for perfect backpack for your child for back to school? Well, if he is a big fan of Iron Man then it is easy. These cool Iron Man backpacks would make backpack for him. Choose from Iron Man large backpack or rolling backpack. Both of these backpacks size are 16 inches and they come with picture of Iron Man on them. Te large Iron Man backpack even come with a bonus wallet. Great backpack for any Iron man fans.

iron man rolling backpackiron man backpack

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Captain America Backpack

These cool Captain America backpacks would make your little Captain America fan at home love to go to school. There is a large Captain America backpack size 16 inches featuring Captain America picture on the front with 2 side pockets. The second one is Captain America rolling backpack, which come with double zippered main compartment, 2 front zipper pouches, adjustable padded shoulder strap, rolling wheels and plastic handle. Great back to school backpack for any Captain America fans.

captain america backpackcaptain ameria rolling backpack

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Water Blaster

Do you know how much fun child can have playing water blaster? Well, they can spend a lot of hours playing it with this cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shell water blaster. You need to put the shell at the back like a backpack and when you ready to shoot just pull back on handle and pump to spray water. The shell can hold up to 33 oz of water. It is recommended for children age 3 and above. It is a great toy for playing for any Ninja Turtles fans.

tmnt shell water blaster

The Mighty Thor Backpack

If it is time to get a new backpack for back to school, consider to have this Thor backpack for your Thor fans at home. There many designs available. The first one comes with picture of Thor on the front. It has small and large compartment with zipper and mesh side pockets. The size is about 16 x 14 x 4 inches. The second one is made from durable canvas with measurement of 16 x 12 x 4 inches. It also featuring Thor on the front. Whichever model that you like, this This backpack is great for any Thor fans.

thor backpackthor backpack 2

Spiderman Toddler Backpack

Your little boy would love to bring his favorite Spiderman backpack to school or daycare.  This Spiderman backpack for children looks cool, featuring Spiderman face on the front with zipper pocket. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps and made from durable fabric. It is great for small items such as books and toys, just what children need. Great for any Spiderman fans.

spiderman toddler backpack

Star Wars Backpack Buddy

Star Wars backpack buddy would make any Star Wars little fans happy. There are four style of them, Yoda backpack, Darth Vader backpack, R2-D2 backpack and Chewbacca backpack.


star wars yoda backpack buddystar wars darth vader backpack buddy star wars r2d2 backpack buddystar wars chewbacca backpack buddy