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Transformers Leggings

Any Transformers fanatics would love to wear this cool Transformers leggings. As you can see below, this leggings come in white colour featuring Transformers symbol, Autobots logo and Decepticons logo. It is made from polyester and spandex. It is comfy, fun and strechty. Get one for your wardrobe collection. Available from size small to extra large for women.
Transformers Symbol Women's Leggings

Transformers Car Accessories

If you are a huge fans of Transformers movie and want to bring Transformers theme into your car then you should check out for some awesome Transformers car seat covers below. They are great for protecting your car with style that you love.


transformers car seat cover grey transformers car seat cover yellow transformers car seat cover


Transformers Pillow Pal

Any Transformers fans, big or small would love to have their favourite Optimus Prime pillow to company them to sleep. Check out for this Transformers pillow pal featuring Optimus Prime. The pillow is made from polyester wit measurement of 30 x 14 x 3.5 inches. This pillow would make a great addition to any Transformers theme bedroom.


transformers pillow


Transformers Birthday Party Supplies Pack

If you are planning to host an awesome Transformers theme birthday party for your son, then you need this Transformers party supplies. This party supplies includes dessert plates, cups, table cover, napkins, Optimus prime shaped pull string Pinata, candy and toys for pinata filling. I love the Transformers pinata, it is huge, is about 30 inches tall. Great party pack for any Transformers mania.

transformers party supplies


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Transformers Wall Decal

These cool Transformers wall decal would make your bedroom or playroom more amazing. There are two wall decals to choose from. The first one is Bumble bee wall decal, with measurement of 34 x 38 inches and the second one is Optimus Prime wall decal with measurement of 26 x 40 inches. They both are easy to apply simply stick and peel. These wall decal would be love by any Transformers fans, children or adult, young or old. It is a great room decor.

transformers bumble bee wall decal transformers optimus prime wall decal

Transformers Comforter

This Transformers comforter would complete your Transformers theme bedroom. It is made from cotton and polyester. Featuring pictures of Transformers character, Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee all over it. The measurement is approx. 64 x 86 inches. It is machine washable. It is a great room decor for any Transformers fanatic and definitely make an ideal gift for someone special who is into Transformers.

transformers omforter

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Transformers Drape

Having a Transformers theme bedroom is any boys dreams especially if they are huge fans of Transformers. This Transformers drape would make a great addition for your bedroom decor. It is made polyester microfiber, featuring Bumble Bee and Optimus Price pictures and logos. It comes in blue colors with measurement of 82 x 63 inches. It is also comes with 2 tie backs. It is a great decor and any boys would love to see their favorite Transformers drape when they wake up. Great for any Transformers fans.

transformers drape

Transformers Lunch Box

Going back to school will be fun with these Transformers lunch boxes. There are two designs of Transformers cartoon lunch boxes below. They are both have the  same size, only different picture on the front. The measurement is approx. 9 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches. They come with plastic handle and metal latch closure. They are great for keeping your lunch and with cool design, you are having lunch with style. You can use these Transformers metal tin to keep your Transformers merchandise as well. These lunch boxes would make an ideal gift for any Transformers fans.

transformers lunch metal box transformers lnch box


Transformers Towel

This Transformers towel is great for fun day at the beach or pool, it also make a great addition to Transformers theme bathroom. It comes in grey and blue colors featuring symbol of Transformers and text “Dark of the Moon”. The measurement is approx. 30 x 60 inches. It is made from cotton and machine washable. It would make a great gift for any Transformers fans or you can just collect it for yourself.

transformers towel

Transformers Car Accessories

A must have car accessories for any Transformers fan. These cool Transformers car accessories set available in black and red color. The set includes front and back seat covers. Featuring Transformer logo with text “Autobots Roll out”. COol stuff for your car.


transformer car seat cover black transformer car seat cover