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Popeye Costume for Children

Bring back the adventure of Popeye with these Popeye costumes for children. choose from Popeye, Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea costumes. Popeye costume for children includes a shirt with sailor collar, blue pants, yellow belt, tattoo muscle arms and a white sailor hat. Olive Oyl costume for children includes Olive red dress with red top and black skirt and wig. Sweet Pea costume for children includes Sweet red tunic and white cap. Just gorgeous. Get these Popeye costumes for your kids and start the sailor adventure. Perfect for Halloween party.

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Popeye Costume for Adult

Planning to dress up as sailor this Halloween? Well, these cool Popeye costumes would make a perfect choice. Choose from Popeye, Olive Oyl or Brutus costume. Popeye costume includes pull over sailor shirt with square back collar flap, elastic waist pants and muscle arms with anchor tattoo and sailor hat. Oyl costume includes one piece dress with red top with petal collar and black skirt with yellow ribbon and Olive Oyl wig. Brutus costume includes shirt, pants, belts, muscle arms and cap. These Popeye costumes would make a great group costume idea. Perfect for any Popeye fans.

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Popeye Salt and Pepper Shaker

If you are a huge fan of Popeye the sailor man, you might like to collect one of these cute Popeye salt and pepper shakers available for sale below. You can choose from many styles available. There is Popeye and Brutus in fighting position, Brutus disturbing Olive Oyl, Olive kissing Popeye and Olive in the middle separating Popeye and Brutus salt and pepper shakers. These salt and peppers are made from ceramic with magnetic insert to keep the shakers together. They looks awesome and great to put on top of your kitchen table. They would be a great gift idea for someone who is Popeye fanatics.

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