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Catwoman Christmas Ornament

If you love this villian from Batman movie, The Catwoman, then you might love these Catwoman Christmas Ornaments below. The first and second ornaments are Catwoman Christmas ornaments which are made by Kurt Adler. The last One is Catwoman ornament featuring Catwoman and her whip. This ornament is made by Hallmark 2012. Cute ornaments for any Batman or Catwoman fans. Perfect for your Christmas decorations this year.


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Catwoman Bust

Collect these gorgeous Catwoman bust to complete your superhero collection. There are 3 styles Catwoman busts available as you can see below. The first Catwoman in in her purple suit was designed by Amanda Conner and sculpted by Jack Mathews with size approx 5.5 inches tall. The second Catwoman bust is the Dark Knight Rises edition with size approx. 6 inches tall featuring Catwoman in her black suit and Batman logo on the base. The third Catwoman bust was designed by Terry Dodson and sculpted by Jack Mathews with size of 5.5 inches tall. These Catwoman busts are made from porcelein. Great for display on your desk and make a great collection for any Batman or Catwoman fans.

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Catwoman Costume for Kids

Make your kids super excited this Halloween with this cool Catwoman costume for kids. This costume is made from polyester and includes a black jumpsuit, headband, gloves, eye mask and belt. What a complete look for a character from Batman.  It is a great costume for kids who love Catwoman.

catwoman costume

Catwoman throw blanket with sleeve

Get warm in the cold night with this Catwoman throw blanket with sleeves. This throw blanket comes on grey color featuring pictures of Catwoman figure on the front and text at the bottom saying “Catwoman”. The size is approx 48 x 71 inches and it is made from super soft fleece. What a great throw blanket for any Catwoman fans and it also has sleeves so you can move and do anything you want and keep warm.

catwoman throw blanket with sleeves